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Exclamation Interested in joining TDC?

About us:

Team Discovery Channel (TDC) has its roots in Shadowbane beta, where most of the core members met. We became a guild of our own in World of Warcraft in 2005 but many of our members have been playing together since 2001. Our primary focus has been and always will be PvP. We were part of the strongest guild in Shadowbane and have fielded top ranked teams in all brackets in WoW. We are a group of friends who enjoy playing together. I say friends because we’ve had many real life guild events and we get along as well in real life as we do in game, even with the roflcopter and pwned jokes here and there.

We have an active group of roughly 20 people playing Warhammer on the Vortex server, Order side. Our goal is to dominate every aspect of the game, including scenarios, small scale RvR engagements as well as keep raids and other large scale encounters. The average age of our members is in the mid 20s and are working full time jobs so we will not have a 24/7 guild presence. All of our guild members are from North America, with the majority on the east coast. As such, guild events will generally be held during EST prime time on weekdays to allow as much of the guild to participate.

About you:

There are two major pillars to TDC membership: Skill and teamwork. You must be exceptional in both categories to be considered. All classes are welcome to apply. This application demonstrates your dedication to our guild so take it seriously. I will throw out any applications that aren’t sufficiently thought out or incomplete. I'm looking for more than one line answers!

We are looking for exceptional PvPers who are mature, competitive and insightful. We are not looking for casual players, which means we expect active participation on a daily basis. You must have an in-depth understanding of your class and your role in group vs group warfare. On this issue, you must also be dedicated to your class, no rerolling every month. Playing alternate characters is acceptable but participation in guild PvP events will require a fully equipped, top level character. An analytical approach to the game is a must. You must be able to quickly adapt to novel situations, and have a view of the engagement as a whole rather than simply your own role. You must be able to analyze a loss as well as a victory to determine what we did correctly and what we can improve.

We are also looking for excellent teammates. You must be patient, we are all learning a new game together, and we will overcome obstacles together. You must also be humble. Victory is not a personal accomplishment. We are not looking for players who tout personal accomplishments on boards, who feel it is below them to help out fellow guildmates or have hot tempers.

What we don’t have is an age requirement, if you meet the requirements above, you are welcome to join us. I have generally noticed that age is correlated with developing the skills we require but we have guildmates who are exceptions to this rule.

How to apply:

Send me a PM on these forums with the following information:

1) Character name
2) Level
3) Class
4) Why you chose that class (be specific)
5) Playtime, both days of the week and hours.
6) Guild history
7) Why are you playing WAR over other MMOs?
8 ) A little bit about yourself. How old are you? Where do you work or go to school? How long have you been into gaming? Why do you enjoy PvP? Add anything you feel is pertinent.
Please list a couple of references who will vouch for you.
9) Out of game contacts (email, aim/xfire)

Your application will be posted on our internal forums and discussed by the members. This process may take a while so be patient if you don’t immediately hear from us.

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